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1200 PLATES have gone live with a much bigger and better website, offering a wider range of products, an extensive range of finishes and full customisation options.
Take a look at the REWORK site here.
Thank you for the continued support :)

Installing the cover is a breeze. Simply slide them over the tonearm assembly and the cover drops in place.

Having installed and used the covers for around a week, I can say they are definitely non-intrusive, shiny and give new life to your decks.

The covers are sturdy and durable, well finished and cosy but not tight.

Dan Morse

Author, DJWORX

Most elegant and classiest mixer plates I ever seen! The winning team right here… 1200 Plates receives the trophy for making the trophies! DJ Q-BERT


Love these custom plates, really simple to fit and look great!

DJ Woody

DJ Innovator / Dancefloor Devastator, DJ Woody

WOW these chrome plates are dope!! Tony Driver

MD, Heavy Crates

The faceplates are as good now as they were when you sent them to my wife in December.

The faceplates are better than anything I have seen online and the gold finish is by far superior to powder coated or painted examples.

From the day my wife first emailed, you went out of your way to keep her informed of the progress and you delivered the faceplates on the day you said you would, I cannot fault the service at all, they have face lifted my Technics and made them look 20 years younger, many thanks and I would recommend you every time to deliver a quality product.

Tony Martin

I wasn’t expecting such high quality and a perfect fit! Better than any skin or other casing product I’ve seen. 10/10!! DJ TEEKO


1200plates are an extremely high quality product with an equally high level of customer service.

The plates themselves come very well packaged and protected. They fit Technics 1200s like a dream! I’ve always wanted a set of white Technics and now I have them, without the hassle and cost of sending my tables away to be customised. I love how they look and the finish is perfect. I cannot fault them. Owned by a turntables enthusiast, this company will take great care of you. I’m excited to see all the new products in development.

Highly recommended and certified fr-fr-FRESH!

Emma Short-E

Scratch Tutor, School of Scratch

These plates are very dope….And they look amazing on my Z2’s! DJ CRAZE

3 X Solo DMC World Champion, Slow Roast Records